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Protection and Integration of Children


The current situation and statistics in Kenya regarding abuse and neglect of children warrants that TYSA takes deliberate actions to ensure children are safe and protected. Every child has a right to be protected from injury and harm. Preventing and responding to violence, exploitation and abuse is essential to ensuring children’s rights to survival and development.


TYSA Child protection and integration interventions will focus on a systems approach that involves children, parents, communities, leaders, law enforcement agencies, community development workers and all other relevant actors. The purpose here is also to strengthen children’s own resilience and protection systems. Contributing to integration and reintegration of children in families, schools and communities is also a key aspect under this objective. The systems approach that TYSA will adopt will support community ownership of child protection processes and initiatives. It will facilitate a proactive rather that a reactive response to child protection issues in the communities. TYSA will also facilitate safe spaces for children to play and learn in non formal ways through value based sports there by promoting the right to play as they learn.


 Increased Protection, and integration of children (boys and girls) in families, schools and communities

Target groups

·         All children 0-18 yrs, especially the orphans and vulnerable

·         Parents and caregivers

·         Community members

·         Government technical officers and political leaders

·         Law enforcement agencies

Key areas

·         Child protection

·         Strengthening community systems and structures

Operating Model(s)

·         Child centered Advocacy (CCA)

·         Football for peace

·         Children`s Peace camps

·         Play Learn and Act

·         Systems model of child protection

·         Child protection committees

·         Community information systems


Grants, Government of Kenya, Donations, Gifts, sponsors

Potential partners

·         Government of Kenya ( ministry of education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of youth affairs, Ministry of Sports, the devolved local governments, community development department), UN Agencies (UNICEF), Street football world, Global Giving, SNV, World Vision Kenya, Action Aid, other partners and NGOs, private sector, churches, mosques, schools, football clubs

To achieve this, we will need to address the following key priorities:

·         Partnerships, networking and collaboration with government, donors, UN agencies and sector working groups

·         Effective community participation

·         Resource acquisition and mobilization

·         Build and strengthen community systems and structures

·         Staff performance – performance plan linked to program targets

·         Action research

·         Monitoring and Evaluation, Documentation