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Empowerment and Participation of Youth


Kenyan youth voices need to be heard in the various policy, governance and development processes for sustainable development. While the youth and children constitute the majority population in Kenya (over 70%) their numerical strength has not featured in policy and development planning processes later on the governance landscape.

As a country we cannot manage the various transitions without the participation of youth in governance and development processes of the country. TYSA will take advantage of the demographic characteristics of the population to create opportunities for young people to engage.

The devolved government system will also provide for more spaces for participation and influence of young people and TYSA will seek to invent and create more spaces for participation on top of ensuring proper utilization of the already existing spaces. Leadership mentoring and development will be key for TYSA in this strategy. Using the sports model, TYSA will seek to use football as a platform for identifying, nurturing, mentoring and developing young leaders.


SO 3: Increased empowerment and participation of youth in Leadership, governance and development processes

Target groups

·         Youth 15- 30 yrs, in and out of school

·         VSLAs

·         Business groups

·         Devolved government structures

Key areas

·         Leadership training, mentorship and development

·         Youth participation and Rights

·         Civic education and Access to Information

·         EAC integration

Operating Model(s)

·         Youth centered Advocacy (YCA)

·         Football for leadership and development

·         Youth leadership camps

·         Play, Learn and Act

·         Exchange and Learning visits

·         Youth Advocacy and Action Groups (YAAGs)

·         Young leaders Policy think Tank


·         Grants, Government of Kenya, Donations,

Potential partners

Government of Kenya ( ministry of education, Ministry of youth affairs, Ministry of Sports, the devolved local governments, community development department), UN Agencies (UNDP, UNDEF), Street football world, Global Giving, SNV, World Vision Kenya, Action Aid, other partners and NGOs, private sector, churches, mosques, schools, football clubs, Civil Society groups and coalitions, Human rights commission

To achieve this, we will need to address the following key priorities:

·         Partnerships, networking and collaboration with government, donors, UN agencies and sector working groups

·         Effective community participation

·         Resource acquisition and mobilization

·         Build and strengthen community systems and structures

·         Staff performance – performance plan linked to program targets

·         Action research

·         Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation