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TYSA Held its Anuual General Meeting on 22nd November 2014. In the forum, 2014 year was reviewed and plans for 2015 were discussed and deliberated. Below is the CEO's extract.


2014 was a fantastic year. It will remain a memorable year in TYSA history. It is a year that saw TYSA participates in the prestigious football for Hope festival during the FIFA world Cup in Brazil 2014. FIFA’s recognition of TYSA’s contribution of using football for development is a great honor and motivation not only to TYSA as an organization but also to a country at large. 2014 was truly a year of football.

In April, Coaches Across Continents conducted a coaching course for our youth, community coaches and the young stars in Primary Schools. The one week course offered vital capacities in integrating football and life skills. There is no other better way to describe self our mission of ‘to inspire and empower marginalized and vulnerable young people” as was done by Norah Dooley and Charles Otieno of Coaches Across Continents.

The Kisumu Youth Football Association(KYFA) and Socity Empowerment Project(SEP) tournament continue to provide an opportunity for our beneficiaries to extend their social educational horizons beyond and their schools and villages. The interactive nature of these tournaments challenges our beneficiaries to think either outside the box or without the box in dealing with their familial, school and environmental challenges. In this year’s East Africa cup Moshi, TYSA under 13 boys for the second year retained the fair play award. This is a clear manifestation that TYSA’s theory of change is bearing fruits.

TYSA believes that football has a transformative role in the lives of children and youth who comes into contact with our football program. In order to provide the children with a broad experience of Moshi and its environs, TYSA partnered with Kilicentre which hosted them for four days. At Kilicentre, there was exchange learning and fun making in Moshi.

 TYSA pioneered and convened the sports for development forum in the Zinduka festival in Arusha, Tanzania. TYSA demonstrated how to integrate sports particularly football in addressing underlying community challenges in the region. The football and life skills models developed by TYSA were used during the festival to build the capacities of social workers, young leaders, project officers to deliver effective programs using football. This was a great opportunity for TYSA to showcase its work among the East Africa community.

The Amani Kibera tournament and the streetfootballworld East Africa festival to be hosted by Moving the Goalposts (MTG) Kilifi offer TYSA a platform to offer exposure and demonstrate its commitments in sports for development in the country an in the region.

Besides being a football year, TYSA 2014has had fruitful engagement with stakeholders, partners and donors. We received support from Football For Hope from FIFA for the second year running. We have also received support from Football For Water. We have had learning and reflection session with Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) and Akiba Uhaki Foundation. Our partner Kenya Sports for Development Partnership (KSDP) has continued to offer capacity development  opportunities.Under the partnership with streetfootballworld, TYSA has been earmarked for pitch development for year 2015.

As we get to 2015, TYSA also has had consultations with Trans Nzoia County  Director of Education office to explore possibilities of developing life skills sessions during Sub-county, County and Regional ball games.

The above milestones for 2014 could not have been realized without the tireless passion, commitment and consistency of the TYSA staff, board members, volunteers and stakeholders. They all exhibited high level of teamwork.

The demand for TYSA’s unique services is growing rapidly compared to the available human and financial resources. This call upon TYSA to creatively seek ways to replicate its work.

Francis Gichuki.