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Success Stories


Atieno Oduor

"I dropped out of school in form 3 when I got pregnant and then married in 2007.

We stayed well at first but in short period things changed totally and life became tough and harder for me to stay in marriage. 

I was blessed with a boy but to raise food was terrible, things looked unanswerable for me and the only option was for me to go back home. While at home I started a small business of selling vegetables, sugarcane and fruits to raise money to buy food for my baby boy.

While at home I decided to join TYSA programs and became one of the beneficiaries. I'm so happy that now I have gone back to school in form 2, I play football and I hope to be a professional player and live a good life thereafter." Atieno Oduor

Mercy Ipara

Mercy Ipara traces her quest for Higher Education in 2008. It was here when she first interacted with TYSA. She has never looked back since then. Today, her smiles tell it all! University is her next step. 'It has not been bed of roses. Times were hard and frustrating. I was more often alone and had many thoughts crossing my mind' Mercy

'In 2007, after completing my O level secondary examinations, I was just confined at home and did know what was happening out there. One day, I went to the TYSA sports ground to know what goes on there. I met some many girls and boys having fun playing football and others playing with kids.' Mercy

It was at this encounter with TYSA that mercy remembers with vividly to date. 'I thought for a while. Why are all these girls and boys here! There is something good in this organization' said Mercy. Since then Mercy has never looked back. She joined other girls with similar background, some even who had babies and were back to school. 'Iam encouraged here. Even a teen mother has gone back to school to study! That is great! Exclaims Mercy

In 2008, Mercys' desire to go for higher education grew day by day. With her O level grades, she could not access university education in Kenya. She consulted with TYSA Director on what she could do. Through TYSA network in East Africa, a high school was now available for her in Uganda. She enrolled in Mashariki High School in the out skirts of Kampala. It is here that she worked hard and got 2 principals and 3 pass of 13 points end of last year.